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Expert Roundup of the New Domain Name Extensions – the latest Generation Domain Names

The domain name is the first aspect people will see about you, so it’s critical that you choose one that indicates what you do. If you don’t have a domain name already you can create one here. Generic top-level domains (gTLds) such as .com, .net and .org have ruled the domain world for quite some time now. But their limitation has made the web address space crowded and often confusing. However, the advent of the new domain name extensions has introduced a wide array of cheap domains that are very descriptive, allow you to highlight what you do and can rank high in search results. For instance, if you’re operating a café in London, a domain extension like .london would be advantageous. The new domain name extensions that are taking the internet by storm include:

Generic-restricted top-level and cheap domain name extensions

Domain Name Extensions

Generic-restricted top-level domain name extensions have a lot in common with generic top-level domain names such as .com, .org and .net. It’s just that they are exclusive for certain persons or entities that satisfy particular criteria, for example:

NAME: Is exclusively for individuals
.BIZ: Is exclusively for business
.PRO: Is exclusively for credentialed professionals and related entities

Sponsored Top-Level Domain name extensions (sTLD) perfect for hosting websites for organizations and agencies

These are specialized top-level domains that are proposed and sponsored by private organizations or bodies representing the community. Examples of sponsored top-level domains include:

.TRAVEL: Set aside for entities whose main area of focus is the travel industry.
.GOV: This domain name is reserved only for the United States government
.AERO: Set aside for air transport organizations
.COOP: Meant for cooperative associations
.MESEUM: Reserved exclusively for museums
.MOBI: Meant exclusively for individuals or organizations dealing in mobile products or services
.JOB: Reserved specifically for human resource managers
.MIL: Strictly to be used by the United States Military
.TEL: Geared towards individuals or organizations interested in publishing their contact data
.EDU: Set aside for the education sector

Country code top-level domain name extensions (ccTLDs) – Cool for hosting websites for individual countries

TThese new generation domains names are used specifically for a country, sovereign state or a dependent territory. Using a country code top-level domain can have a significant impact regarding the interest of your hosting website in a local market. Most businesses today prefer using country code top-level domains over universal extensions. Examples of country code top-level domain name extensions include:

.US: For United States
.UK: For United Kingdom
.NL: For Netherlands
.NO: For Norway
.MX: For Mexico and so on.

Reserved top-level domain name extensions – Specially reserved by IANA for hosting websites

These domain name extension types are reserved by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). Typical examples include:

.LOCALHOST: This domain name extension is reserved to prevent conflict with the conventional use of localhost.
.TEST: Reserved specifically to be utilized in testing existing or new DNS related code
.INT: Utilized exclusively for registering entities or organizations set up by international treaties between governments
.EXAMPLE: Reserved for use as examples or in documentation

City Top-Level Domain name extensions – Best for hosting websites for cities

City top-level domain name extensions are advantageous to business owners because they provide tremendous benefits regarding tourism, branding, city-wide distribution of services and resources over the internet and revenue. The downside to city top-level of domain names is that their application procedures are technical, complex and full of industry jargon. Also, running a registry requires heavy duty technology. Typical examples of city top level domain names include:

.LONDON: Specifically meant for the city of London
.PARIS: Particularly meant for the city of Paris
.NEW YORK: Designed particularly for New York City. Since the start of the expansion of domain names two years ago, the new domain name extensions have received mixed reviews. However, the consensus is that having new options is great. Nonetheless, the debate about whether these new domain name extensions are beneficial or confusing to the internet user still rages. But the outcome of this debate is becoming clearer as months pass: With time, people will understand and adapt.

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