Migrating a WordPress Website to a New and Better Host

//Migrating a WordPress Website to a New and Better Host

While WordPress is an incredibly popular hosting website, sometimes the website outgrows the host. While WordPress is great for basic website which has minimal hosting needs, it can be troublesome for people who want their websites to have more features and the host for their website to provide them.

WordPress itself provides with very basic and minimal functionality to users and you can only get more functionality out of the website if you install and add plug-ins. However, users often complain that adding plug-ins result in slowing down the site. Hence at times, when the site is too big to be handled by WordPress, users express an interest in migrating to a new hosting website.

Here are some tips for if you choose to shift to a new hosting website:

  1. Back up your data

If you have been using WordPress for a while, you probably have experience with plug-ins and how easy they make your life. Get a plug-in which helps you duplicate and back up all the work you have on your current website to the new hosting website. Popular plug-ins for that purpose include on by the name of Duplicator.

  1. Database replacement

If you are moving to a new hosting website with a new domain name this means you might have a lot of trouble replacing the already existent URLs for your website with the new ones. A plug-in which finds the file paths and URLs, can take care of your worries and replace the URLs with new ones so that you do not have to face any issues and do the painstaking work yourself.

  1. Find a new hosting website

Making the decision to leave WordPress comes with the immediate question of where you will be shifting the website to? Finding a new website should be a priority for you. Look at the various hosting websites out there to see what they offer and what packages and services suit your needs best. The website which has services which are perfect for you is the one you should go for. Find a website which offers services you installed WordPress plug-ins for!

If you are thinking of completely changing the name, then do a domain search availability to see what is available and whether it will be suitable for what you need for your website!

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